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This GitHub repository is part of the IHMC Robotics Open Source initiative which consists of providing open access to resources and knowledge that we have developed over the years for our fellow researchers, scientists, engineers, and hobbyists in an effort to advance the field of robotics.

Control Algorithms for Walking and Manipulation

Provide an easy to use SDK for interfacing with legged robots. IHMC Robotics is open sourcing the software developed as a result of our walking and controls research, including the software we use to power the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot for the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC).

Simulation Construction Set

Develop, simulate, and analyze control algorithms for robots. Open access to our cross-platform, in-house simulation library known as Simulation Construction Set (SCS), which we use to develop, simulate, and analyze control algorithms for all of our robots. As time goes on we will also be providing open source access to a variety of other development tools.

Target audience

Our tools and algorithms are targeted at the many research labs that are interested in perception and planning, high level control, operator interfaces, and other research areas, but do not have expertise in bipedal walking and whole body control. But also to control experts that are interested in developing robot simulations in java in a user friendly environment.

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